A Site Adjustment and Upcoming News

Hello all! I’ve moved the Death by Cliche files audio aside so that they can’t be downloaded any longer. I hope to be able to say why in a few days. Thank you for your patience. Regards, Bob

Product 6 Release Eminent

Greetings! I just wanted everyone to know that product 6 in The Echoes of Heaven is just about complete. There won’t be a sourcebook included with this product, but the adventure stands well by itself. This will be part 6 in The Moving Shadow Campaign. We are set to release on New Year’s Eve. Thanks […]

The Echoes of Heaven Product 5 Released (with special offer)!

Greetings. Final Redoubt Press would like to thank you for your patience and announce the long-awaited release of our 5th Echoes of Heaven Product: In His Name/The Last Hallowed Place. We’re very proud of this product and hope you gain as much enjoyment from its use as we did producing it. Skip to the end […]

Cover Hell Continues

In my last post I said that I made a pass at all the covers. I was hoping I was mostly done but dreading, honestly, that I was anything but. Many, many hours of work later, and I have finished a second pass on all the covers and turned them over for copy editing. How […]

Back in the Saddle.

Just a quick update on the week’s progress. On the Echoes front I’ve been working on bringing the existing books into compliance with the new license situation. That means editing covers and interiors to meet the requirements of the new ICE license. I also need to update the text describing the licenses and the other […]

Rallying Cry

So its been some time since I’ve been truly active in posting.  First a quick update.  As you probably remember, my mother had cancer, a double mastectomy, and a course of chemo.  Shortly after that began, I was laid off from my last job.  I did find a new job and that’s involved a lot […]

Stay Tuned!

I know I’ve said this before, but stay tuned. I’ve fought my way back into the light of day and I intend to make an announcement today or tomorrow. If you loved Death by Cliche or you just want to help give me the excuse to start producing again, you’ll want to be a part […]

I’m Employed Again

BTW, I tweet more than I blog. @robertjdefendi So someone just mentioned in a tweet that I haven’t updated this in a while. I’ll take a quick break to do so now. I’m employed. I work for a wonderful company, upgrading client software. It’s a lot of overtime, and I haven’t figured out how to […]

Still Unemployed

Still unemployed. My mother had a couple surgeries last week, related to the cancer. They went well, but took a long time. They removed half her thyroid and a tumor. Both turned out to be benign. I’m nearing the end of my edit for the novel I’ll probably record after the Echoes short stories. It […]

New Job Lead

One bit of good news this week. Friday I found out that my old employer has a job opening for a tech support supervisor. I’m not sure if there’s any layoff stigma attached to me, but if there isn’t, I think I have a pretty good shot at that job. My last job there had […]

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